There are many opportunities to help with my campaign.  You may volunteer to have a few friends over to meet me, or you may do something more such as delivering campaign flyers to voters in your precinct.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

Our newest way to help is our postcard campaign.  This is an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to reach voters.  Hand written and addressed cards with a stamp have been shown to be well-received and actually read by recipients. 


1. Request the amount of postcards you would like in the form below.

2. You will receive the free postcards along with a suggested message to write on the cards. 

3. Address the cards to your Torrance friends and neighbors. 

4. Purchase the thirty-five cent postcard stamps, put one on the card, and mail it.  If you mail fifty cards, it will only cost you $17.50.  

Paid for by Tom Brewer for Mayor 2018,  ID# 1397814


Please email or call me with your questions
Phone: 310.701.4749

Thank you for volunteering