​​​​I am proudly endorsed by:

Former Torrance Mayors:

Ken Miller

Frank Scotto

​Torrance Council Members:

Mike Griffiths

Milton Herring

Former Torrance Council Members:

​Paul Nowatka

Maureen O'Donnell

Bill Sutherland

Former Assembly Members:

​David Hadley

George Nakano

Torrance School Board Member:

​Michael Wermers

City Council Members:

Steve Napolitano - Manhattan Beach

​Steve Wolowicz (Retired) - Rancho Palos Verdes

Community Leaders:

Marc Danziger

Candice and Craig Davis

Scott Fellows

​Carol Gilles

Hosny Hakim

​Thomas Legrelius, M.D.

​Patti Legrelius

​Charles Lobb

​Tom Nosek

​Janice Plank

Stephen Robbins

Toni Sexton

​Donna Spreitzer

​Karen Ury

​Brad Wilson

As a former councilmember and candidate for mayor, I am proud to be the only candidate to have been endorsed by the Daily Breeze three times.  In 2014, I was endorsed by the Los Angeles County Business Federation and Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce PAC. 

More Coming Soon

Please feel free to contact me at (​310) 701-4749

or Tom@BrewerForMayor.com

"Former Councilman Tom Brewer has been an effective public servant for over 30 years and would be a great mayor of the city of Torrance."

"Tom’s deep relationships with residents and community leaders of Torrance was a huge asset to me when I served as your assemblyman."

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