Linda Gottshall-Sayed Charles Lobb
​Rick Marshall
Aurelio Mattucci
Sandi Monda
​Tom Nosek
​Janice Plank
​JoAnn Ramirez
Stephen Robbins
Toni Sexton
​Donna Spreitzer
​Karen Ury
​Brad Wilson

​​​​​​​​​I am proudly endorsed by:

Former Torrance Mayors:

Ken Miller

Frank Scotto

​Torrance Council Members:

Heidi Ann Ashcraft

Mike Griffiths

Milton Herring

Former Torrance Council Members:

Rod Guyton - Mike Mauno

​Paul Nowatka - Maureen O'Donnell

Susan Rhilinger - Bill Sutherland

Former Assembly Members:

​David Hadley

George Nakano

Torrance School Board Member:

​Michael Wermers

Kurt Driskill, Col, USAF (Ret.) - Former Member

City Council Members:

Kit Bobko (Retired) - Mayor, Hermosa Beach

Mark Burton (Retired) - Manhattan Beach

Suzanne Fuentes - Mayor, El Segundo

Russ Lesser (Retired) - Manhattan Beach

​Richard Montgomery - Manhattan Beach

Steve Napolitano - Manhattan Beach

​Steve Wolowicz (Retired) - Rancho Palos Verdes

Community Leaders:​​

​​As a former councilmember and candidate for mayor, I am proud to be the only

candidate to have been endorsed by the Daily Breeze three times. 

More Keep Coming!

Please feel free to contact me at (​310) 701-4749


"Former Councilman Tom Brewer has been an effective public servant for over 30 years and would be a great mayor of the city of Torrance."

"Tom’s deep relationships with residents and community leaders of Torrance was a huge asset to me when I served as your assemblyman."

From left to right: Frank Scotto, Michael Wermers, David Hadley, Mike Griffiths, and John Cruikshank.

Paid for by Tom Brewer for Mayor 2018,  ID#: 1397814

Anne Armstrong
John Bailey
Don and Barbara Combar
Marc Danziger
Candice and Craig Davis
Susan Doyle
Scott Fellows
​Donald Ray Frew Jr.
​Carol Gilles​
Hosny Hakim
​Mary Hileman​
Thomas LaGrelius, M.D.
​Patti LaGrelius

I have the endorsement of half of our city councilmembers; Heidi Ashcraft, Mike Griffiths and Milton Herring.

"Torrance needs leaders with Tom's integrity, and his willingness to listen and give full consideration to all input before decisions are made."

If you would like to add your name to those leaders that are endorsing me, please complete the form below